In Office Teeth Whitening

The first thing many people notice about another is the smile. A bright, white smile suggests vibrancy, youth, and exuberance, but many people do not have the luxury of such a glowing grin. With cigarette, coffee, sodas, wine, and other teeth-staining foods consumed over a lifetime, a once-bright smile dulls, making the person appear older. Change that with a simple and effective in-office whitening procedure for the teeth conducted by a professional cosmetic dentist.

Cosmetic dentists are well-versed in helping their patients to get the smile they want. Whether the problem to correct is staining or overall discoloration, a cosmetic dentist can help to bring back the smile of youth. In-office whitening uses layers of thick bleaching gels to cover the teeth. A concentrated light may be applied to the teeth to hasten the action of the bleaching gel.

Opting for an in-office teeth whitening system produces better results than trays from over-the-counter whitening packages because those packages were not customized designed to fit every mouth. When a professional is in charge of whitening teeth in the comfort of the dentist’s office, the results are more immediate and sensitive gums and teeth are less pained by the procedure.

With an in-office whitening procedure, a patient may walk in for an appointment at the lunch hour, and be home in time for dinner with a brighter, whiter smile. Patients are encouraged to discuss with their dentist the need for follow-up treatments of maintenance bleaching. Some patients may require such measures, depending on the level of discoloration before the procedure and the desired shade after whitening.

Patients who opt for in-office teeth whitening choose the procedure to quickly and safely whiten their teeth for an upcoming event. Others may have sensitive teeth and require the supervision of a dentist during the procedure to avoid severe pain that may be experienced by the harsh bleaches used by over-the-counter products. Those interested in in-office teeth whitening are encouraged to discuss the pros and cons with their cosmetic dentist to see if this is the right procedure for their teeth.

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