J Stephen Hoard is the only dentist New Bern residents need to visit when they’re looking for truly comprehensive services. Although any dentist in New Bern can say that they do it all, only a few dentists in New Bern actually have the experience to prove it.

When you find a dentist like Dr. Hoard, you’ve done your mouth a huge favor. This isn’t just a local dentist in New Bern who specializes in one area. Instead, the Hoard dental office performs a number of procedures and provides a huge range of varied services that others simply can’t.

In addition to serving as a regular dentist office for the New Bern community, Dr. Hoard’s family dentist practice provides services intended to both treat existing conditions as well as head new ones off at the pass. His family dentistry practice performs cosmetic services like tooth whitening, orthodontics and crowns, but it also helps patients with more severe problems.

While issues like chipped teeth may seem solely cosmetic, they can lead to infections and other issues. By visiting this dentist office, New Bern residents put themselves in the best possible hands they can.

Dr. Hoard has spent years developing all-inclusive oral health treatment plans that not only attend to the teeth but to the gums and palate as well. His forays into snoring relief and his concentration on helping patients create balanced masticatory systems has served him well as he has provided patient care and pain relief.

Dr. Hoard’s practice allows patients to feel at ease because the staff has performed numerous restorative and preventative operations with an extremely high success rate. Even better, the doctor’s current position as an instructor at Dawson Academy, a premiere, dental college, ensures that he can always answer the questions patients pose.

Although a general dentist in name, Dr. Hoard is anything but generic. His unique approach to family dentistry will guarantee that everyone you love has the best possible chance of long lasting oral health and his knowledge will ensure that they know how to maintain it for decades to come.

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