hroughout this time of year, particularly during the holiday season, people tend to go crazy with the cookies, baked goods, and the candy canes. Indulging during such a season is perfectly acceptable, but it is also important for people to keep in mind that their teeth are important and should be examined regularly. The people living in and around the New Bern area can rest assured knowing that there is a dental office in the area that provides a number of general dentist services. Dr. J Stephen Hoard is a general dentist in New Bern, NC  who works with patients to help prevent tooth decay as well as gum disease and other serious health issues that can develop. As a local dentist of the New Bern area, Dr. Hoard is always welcoming new patients to take a visit to his dentist office for treatment. During the first dental visit with Dr. Hoard, he will carefully look at all of the teeth and the gums to check for any developing problems. Dr. Hoard will also clean the teeth, removing unwanted germs, plaque, and surface stains. Just a simple cleaning at this family dentistry office can drastically improve the way that the teeth appear.   While routine cleanings are essential, Dr. Hoard provides other dental services in his dentist office New Bern. As a family dentist, Dr. Hoard treats both children and adults, and he provides tooth fillings, crowns, and even does extractions when need be.

Dr. Hoard believes in keeping the teeth in good shape, but he also educates his patients on the different forms of treatment and dental procedures that he performs. As a dentist in New Bern, Dr. Hoard takes pride in being able to help others, especially when it comes to teaching them the right things about keeping their teeth in the best shape. Residents looking for dentists in New Bern need not search any further, as Dr. Hoard is a professional dentist in New Bern who provides tons of important and essential dental procedures for the entire family.

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