Dr. Hoard is a general dentist in the New Bern area who takes dental health and your dental concerns seriously. He is part of a family dentistry practice that takes care of people of all ages. On your first visit, the local dentist does an in-depth dental exam. You will have the opportunity to voice concerns and offer dental solutions. The dentist and the staff work together with the patients to develop a treatment plan.

It is easy to take good dental health for granted if you are not having problems. Pain is one of the main reasons people go to the dentist office. Dr. Hoard’s dentist office in New Bern wants to see that scenario change. He wants patients to come in before problems occur. Education and preventive care can eliminate many dental problems. When brushing, flossing and regular cleanings take place on a regular basis, the results are amazing.

Early detection is a direct result of regular trips to a dentist in New Bern. It also enables your dentist to react aggressively and stop a small problem from becoming a bigger one. If you waited too long to visit your local dentist, restorative and cosmetic dentistry is always an option. Dr. Hoard works with a full staff of dedicated professionals to offer dental care you need.

It is easy to find a dentist in New Bern that can help you limit dental problems. People often under estimate the connection between dental and physical health. Researchers believe that inflammation or infection in the gums can enter the blood stream making it easy to spread to other parts of the body. Studies show that people afflicted with gum disease are two times more likely to have heart problems.

Of particular note is Coronary Artery Disease. Bacteria appear to travel through the blood stream to the heart and attach to plaque in the arteries. Artery walls become thicker and blood flow decrease causing heart problems. Regular dental checkups by Dr. Hoard decreases gum disease and leads to better overall oral health, which can also decrease your risk of heart disease.

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