Oral Cancer Awareness Month is officially set for the month of April. Since April is labeled as the official month for Oral Cancer Awareness, patients are advised to visit the dentist office for an oral cancer screening. Oral cancer, much like any other type of cancer, can cause many problems and can even lead to death if it is not taken care of. Many people do not realize that visiting their dentist on a routine basis is necessary not just to check for cavities and gum disease. It is also necessary as a way for the dentist to check for the development of oral cancer.

Dr. Hoard is a general dentist in New Bern, North Carolina with plenty of experience. He offers many dental services and procedures for his patients, which includes the necessary and important oral cancer screening. Patients that wanted to find a dentist in New Bern, NC who performs this type of screening will not have to look any further. The oral cancer screening is performed right inside of the dentist office in New Bern, NC. Dr. Hoard will start the screening by looking inside of the mouth at the teeth and the gums. He will perform x-rays of the mouth because those x-rays will be used to provide an in-depth look at everything that is happening inside of the mouth of the patient.

Dr. Hoard always welcomes new patients to come to the dental office and receive an examination. In fact, he urges his patients to receive regular dental check ups in New Bern, NC because he wants all of his patients to be in good health. Most patients do not realize how genuinely important it is to receive a dental cleaning two times a year, which is why they tend to put them off. However, putting off a visit to the dentist can lead to later detection of oral cancer, which ultimately leads to more problems for the patient. Anyone who wants to keep their teeth and the gums healthy while looking out for oral cancer should schedule an appointment with Dr. Hoard as soon as possible.

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