Everyone has the right to feel confident in their smile. However, there are some people who lack confidence because their teeth are not straight or they are dealing with some minor imperfections, such as tooth discoloration or chipped teeth. While these imperfections can be frustrating and quite unattractive, the good news is that they can be fixed. Dr. Hoard is a cosmetic dentist in New Bern, NC who offers his patients the smile makeover procedure. Any individual who wants to find a dentist in New Bern, NC should consider Dr. Hoard. There are numerous dental procedures that fall under the category of a smile makeover. Each of these procedures can and will drastically change the way the teeth look.

A smile makeover in New Bern, NC is especially ideal for special occasions. If a person knows their significant other wants to improve their teeth, they may consider sending their loved one to Dr. Hoard’s office for a smile makeover. A smile makeover is also ideal for women and men who are planning to get married and want to have beautiful smiles for their special day. After all, the best way to be prepared for all those pictures that are taken on a wedding day is to have a bright, white, and simply stunning smile.

Some of the dental procedures that Dr. Hoard offers at the dentist office in New Bern, NC include dental implants, porcelain veneers, and whitening of the teeth. Dental implants can replace a tooth that is missing. It is best for people with only one or a few missing teeth. The porcelain veneers are used for many reasons. They are shells that are molded and made out of ceramic materials to provide the ultimate strength for the person wearing them. The shells are put over the natural teeth. Porcelain veneers can instantly lead to a straight and white smile instead of a crooked, discolored, imperfect smile. Whitening of the teeth is best when it is performed in a professional dentist office. Dr. Hoard uses the latest technology to remove the stains and discoloration so that the teeth are left completely white. For a dentist in New Bern, NC who offers smile makeovers, Dr. Hoard is the right choice.

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