Do you often try to smile with your mouth closed?

Do you find yourself covering your mouth when laughing to hide your teeth?

Modern dentistry offers patients a myriad of options for straightening, brightening and changing the appearance of your smile. It is important, however, to choose the right dentist to ensure that you receive optimal results that both meet your cosmetic goals and maintain your oral health. Dr. J. Stephen Hoard offers his New Bern, NC area patients the advantage of a wide variety of dental services and the experience and education to deliver great results.

Dr. Hoard understands that the beauty of a smile comes from both well chosen cosmetic procedures and a healthy mouth. It is important to have the entire occlusal system working in harmony: the tissues, bones and joints of the masticatory system need to work together to have a “comfortable” bite. Once this is achieved, cosmetic procedures are very effective in bringing back a fresher, brighter smile!

In his New Bern dental office, Dr. Hoard performs a wide variety of cosmetic procedures ranging from cosmetic fillings to porcelain veneers. He takes the time to diagnose any underlying dental health problems and with the use of the latest in dental technology he is able to provide patients with 3-D images of what the results of treatment will look like!

In more complex situations, Dr. Hoard has developed relationships with other local specialists so that he can help coordinate treatments requiring orthodontics or a periodontist and ensure that his patients receive a consistent quality of care. This is especially beneficial for patients receiving dental implants, a multi-phase procedure that often requires coordination with an oral surgeon.

Don’t hide your smile any longer! Schedule a consultation with Dr. Hoard of New Bern, NC to explore your options today.

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