Periodontitis– also known as gum disease is an inflammation of the gum tissues around the teeth. It is these tissues that hold the teeth in place. When these tissues become inflamed and are not properly treated, it can lead to gum tissue and tooth loss. Gum disease is highly common, affecting nearly 75 percent of adults, but proper flossing, avoiding cigarette smoke and regular dental checkups can lower the risk.

Poor brushing and flossing habits allow plaque buildup to form. This also allows bacteria and food debris to become trapped under the gums. This is a major cause of gum disease. Cigarette smoke irritates the delicate tissues of the mouth and can cause or exacerbate gum disease. Skipping regular dental checkups can also be detrimental as this is a missed opportunity for a good cleaning and evaluation of oral health.

Dr. Hoard knows how important it is to treat gum disease before it is too late. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of patients with gum disease seek treatment. Many do not even know they have it. It is important to know that bleeding or sensitive gums are not a part of a healthy mouth. Many of the symptoms of gum disease go unnoticed until there is pain associated with it. This is why gum disease is called a “silent disease”.

Because symptoms are generally easy to miss it is important to know what the signs of gum disease are. Swelling, sore or bleeding gums can indicate gum disease. If gums have receded away from the teeth or teeth have become loose, periodontitis is likely. A small sign like persistent bad breath can also be an indicator of gum disease.

In order to avoid receding gums and tooth loss associated with periodontitis, it is important to establish a proper oral-care routine and schedule regular dental exams and cleaning. With the help of a professional like Dr. Hoard, gum disease can be caught and treated early before it becomes painful or detrimental to your smile. Do not delay treatment for gum disease. Contact Dr. Hoard today for a consultation.

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