Ready for a visit to the dentist without the use of a drill or needles?

Laser dentistry can make your next dental procedure with Dr. Hoard in New Bern, NC a more pleasant experience!

Modern dental technology continues to offer today’s dental patients a better experience with more accurate results and fewer side effects. Dr. Hoard uses some of the latest dental technologies in his New Bern dental office, including dental lasers, enabling him to perform many cosmetic and restorative dental procedures more effectively with better outcomes and less pain! A small percentage of dentists nationwide have incorporated dental lasers in their practice, offering patients enhanced dental services with less downtime and better accuracy of results.

Laser dentistry enables Dr. Hoard, a New Bern cosmetic and family dentist, to treat patients for a variety of dental problems with less pain, less bleeding, fewer side effects and a faster recovery. Dr. Hoard uses state of the art dental lasers that enable him to more accurately treat the soft tissues of the mouth, such as the gums, without a metal scalpel. Dr. Hoard can perform a gum lift and other periodontal therapies in a much less invasive manner, often with superior results.

The dental laser allows Dr. Hoard to create small, accurate incisions with minimized bleeding and swelling: the heat and energy created by the dental laser can both numb the treated area and coagulate blood quickly to reduce bleeding and swelling. For patients, this can mean less pain and a speedier recovery: in many cases there is no need for anesthetics at all!

Laser dentistry can effectively be used for treating gum disease, placing dental implants and other dental procedures that would traditionally require a surgical incision. The use of laser dentistry reduces or eliminates the need for using sutures- which frequently require a return trip to the dentist for removal.

For patients who suffer from dental anxiety, the use of laser dentistry can provide a much more predictable experience with less noise and discomfort during treatment. If you have been avoiding the dentist due to feeling anxious about possible treatment, Dr. Hoard can discuss how laser dentistry may enhance your dental treatment and allow you to feel more relaxed and comfortable.

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