480753457 Dental implants offer many benefits to patients who have lost a tooth (or teeth), including supporting better long term oral health. A New Bern cosmetic and restorative dentist offering dental implants, Dr. Hoard will meet with you to discuss your personal goals and examine your oral health before recommending treatment to replace a lost tooth or secure loose dentures with implants.

While dental implants can provide patients with a natural looking and functioning “new tooth” that blends with their natural smile, a dental implant also helps to reduce bone loss in the jaw- a common side effect of losing a tooth that can eventually cause more complex dental health issues.

When placing a dental implant, Dr. Hoard does not have to prepare adjacent teeth, as is typical in the use of a dental bridge or appliance. When healthy teeth have to be affected to accommodate an appliance they may lose some of their structural integrity, putting them at greater risk of needing additional restorative treatment in the future.

Patients have enjoyed a greater than 90% satisfaction rate with dental implants, which allow them to eat, speak and go about their typical daily routine without dietary changes or the use of adhesives and special cleaners!

Dr. Hoard will go over the entire dental implant process with you, coordinating care with a local oral surgeon and following up to ensure that your treatment is successful. Dr. Hoard will place the final restoration and will monitor the long term results at regular preventive care visits to his New Bern dental office.

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