Dental Implants

Teeth that are missing may affect the way a person feels about their smile.  Whether teeth were lost due to decay, injury, or for any other reason, a missing tooth can make a person feel self conscious about their appearance.  Fortunately, dental implants are a solution that many patients are turning to in order to restore their beautiful smile again.
Dental implants are considered to be a permanent and durable way to replace teeth that are missing.  Implants last for 10 to 20 years with proper care, making them one of the most reliable ways to replace a missing tooth without affecting other teeth.  Dental implants are made to mimic natural teeth so that they are comfortable to wear and long lasting.
When dental implants are used, artificial roots are attached to the bone in the gums to hold the false tooth in place.  This provides a durable structure that keeps the tooth held firmly in place at all times.  Dental implants can also be used together with dentures or bridges to hold them securely in the mouth.  Multiple implants can be used to replace several missing teeth, although just one can also be used anywhere in the mouth.
Patients who wish to replace their missing tooth in a permanent way can consult with their doctor to find out if this is the right option for them.  The health of the teeth and gums is considered for those who are considering this type of dental procedure.  Replacing a missing tooth using a dental implant is not only for cosmetic reasons, but can also help with the health of the teeth and gums over the long term.
Dental implants are an easy procedure and healing occurs over several months.  A reputable cosmetic dentist will be able to work out a treatment plan for each of their customers, ensuring that they get the perfect and comfortable fit with their dental implant.  Dental implants are a procedure that anyone who feels self conscious about his or her missing teeth should talk over with their dentist to see if it is the right choice to improve their smile.