New Bern Family Dentist

Finding a New Bern dentist can be a tough proposition. You need a local dentist, but if you’ve just moved to the area or your family dentist has retired and you need to find a new family dentistry clinic, you may not know where to look to find a dentist you will like and feel comfortable with. J. Stephen Hoard is a cosmetic and general dentist in New Bern, North Carolina who would love to be your new family dentist.
Dr. Hoard believes that family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry are not two widely separated types of dentistry. In Dr. Hoard’s dental office, all dental work has the same aim. That aim is to create a healthy mouth and natural beauty in the teeth and gums.
When you go to the dentist office, Dr. Hoard believes that you should be comfortable and relaxed, knowing that your family dentist is going to provide the best care possible and that you will leave with a healthier mouth than you came in with, even if you’re just in the dental office for a cleaning. Going to the dentist should not have to be an ordeal, and with Dr. Hoard, it’s a calm, relaxed experience that leaves you feeling confident in your smile.
If you have a problem, you need a local dentist who will fix it quickly and fix it right the first time. If you are simply having a cleaning and exam, you want to go to your family dentistry office at your convenience and have a pleasant experience while there.
Dr. Hoard believes that going to the dentist office should not be something you dread, put off or avoid. He specializes in providing gentle, comfortable and friendly dental care for children and adults. Whether you’re looking for cosmetic dentistry or family dentistry, Dr. Hoard would be glad to serve you.