Local New Bern Dentist Offers More Than Just Family Dentistry

Residents living local to New Bern, North Carolina have always known about Dr. Hoard’s family dentistry practice. Now the local dentist has added to his repertoire. Cosmetic dentistry seekers can find what they looking for in his general dentistry practice. Dr. Hoard’s New Bern dental office now offers dental implants.
Dental implants in New Bern are an important aspect of cosmetic dentistry. They suitable for anyone that currently has a partial plate, bridge work, and more. There will be no more irritated gums for New Bern area residents undergoing dental implant surgery. In the dental implantation procedure titanium posts are inserted in the bone and the fabricated tooth or teeth are affixed to the top. The tooth or teeth are custom made to match the patient’s own teeth.
When teeth are lost, the ones around the location of where that lost tooth was can shift. Gum tissue is exposed to possible infection. Only dental implantation has such a great success rate that they last 20 to 30 years! Candidates for dental implants are those individuals that have lost one tooth or more, have a healthy jawbone structure and a healthy immune system. The tooth loss could have come from a variety of reasons like trauma, tooth decay, gum disease or other ailment. The success of the dental implants are, of course, directly tied to the overall dental hygiene practices of the patient. Financing may be available to those needing assistance through Care Credit. The low monthly payments help to make dental implants a reality for those interested.
New residents will be happy to know that Dr. Hoard’s New Bern dental office is now a one stop shop that offers all aspects of family dentistry. From cleanings and whitening to check ups and the new services of dental implants. The website for the general dental practice offer his patients vast resources to learn about the procedures offered at the New Bern dental office.