Cosmetic Dentistry: Dental Implants in New Bern, NC

Cosmetic dentistry is different from general dentistry in the fact that it’s used to brighten and beautify smiles rather than treat health issues of the mouth and teeth. There are a number of services that a cosmetic dentist like Dr. Hoard can provide. One popular service is known as dental implants.   Dental implants are titanium fixtures screwed against the jaw bone in order to create an anchor for a false tooth (or teeth) insertion. There are many different purposes as to why someone would want to receive dental implants, and results can vary greatly from patient to patient due to this fact. One of the most prevalent uses for dental implants are to replace damaged or missing teeth, and the service can greatly boost a patient’s self esteem and confidence.   Some patients learn that they can’t be candidates for dental implants. This is not news to be discouraged by, as there may be other solutions through cosmetic dentistry to get the work you want done. Those who find out that they’re not candidates for the surgery usually don’t have a big enough jaw bone in order to create a satisfactory supportive anchorage.
During the procedure, the dental implants are attached to the jaw bone of patients who are under anesthesia. The amount of time the surgery will take is completely dependent on just how many dental implants are going to be placed in the mouth. The more implants a patient desires, the more time consuming surgery will be. All the information about how a patient should take care of themselves pre and post surgery will be given to them by their medical professionals. Pain and other forms of discomfort from dental implant surgery should only persist for a few days.
Altogether, the healing period for dental implants takes about three to six months, as the jaw bone needs time to form around the implant placed against it in order to create a secure anchorage. It’s possible for a patient’s body to reject the implant, although this issue happens very minimally, and can be fixed with the addition of a different sized implant, or other procedure.   If you’re interested in dental implants or any other cosmetic dentistry procedure, visit, a local dentist and dental office in New Bern, North Carolina.