New Bern Dentist Dr. Hoard Offers TMJ Therapy and Bite Correction Services

TMJ affect millions of Americans and is a painful, often treatable condition. These painful disorders are frequently misunderstood by dental professionals, and many patients do not get the care they deserve. At Newbern Smiles, Dr. Hoard treats patients suffering from TMJ in the New Bern area and other orthodontic concerns with the highest level of understanding and care using the latest state of the art dental technology.
The signs and symptoms of TMJ are expressed in many ways, including: Teeth grinding (bruxism), Chronic headaches or migraine headaches Pain, aches or tension in the face, neck, or shoulders Popping or clicking sounds in the jaw joints Tooth wear on molars Chronic earaches
Each patient with TMJ or bite problems experiences pain differently, and Dr. Hoard treats each patient as a unique individual. There is no single or one size fits all approach to TMJ therapy or bite correction. For many patients with TMJ, therapy may consist of wearing a mouth splint or night guard while sleeping each night. Other patients may benefit from orthodontic work to correct the bite and alignment of the teeth. In some cases, dental crowns or dental implants may help with changing bite patterns and the force of biting on certain teeth.
Fewer than 3 percent of patients with TMJ require surgical procedures. Dr. Hoard believes in taking a conservative approach to TMJ and bite correction. In patients with complex TMJ and bite concerns, Dr. Hoard works alongside periodontist Dr. Jeffrey Thomas and orthodontist Dr. Todd Rankin to form a comprehensive treatment plan for TMJ and bite correction.
TMJ disorders directly affect the quality of life. Bite correction and TMJ therapy provide relief from chronic pain and damage to the teeth. Our mission is to provide each one of our patients with care, understanding and the most effective treatment for their situation.
We combine individualized treatment plans, advanced dental technology and our years of experience to offer the highest quality of TMJ therapy and bite correction. If you are suffering from unexplained aches and pain in your head, jaws, neck and shoulders, do not hesitate to contact our office for a consultation.