Are dental implants the solution for you? | Dr. J. Stephen Hoard

If you’re missing one or more teeth but have healthy bones and good general health, you may want to consider dental implants. Tooth loss can have numerous causes, including decay, gum disease and physical trauma. Dr. Hoard, a general and cosmetic dentist in New Bern, takes the time necessary to provide a thorough evaluation of each patient to determine whether dental implants are the best option.
Although dental implants may cost more initially than more traditional options for replacing teeth, their comfort and long term durability are unmatched. In fact, dental implants can last for as long as 20 years with good oral hygiene, including regular visits to Dr. Hoard for preventive care. Compared to bridgework, dental implants are a better option because their installation doesn’t affect healthy teeth next to the implant site.
If dental implants are right for you, Dr. Hoard will develop a personalized treatment plan. With assistance from local experts in related fields, including orthodontist Dr. Todd Rankin and periodontist Dr. Jeffry Thomas, Dr. Hoard ensures that patients have the best care possible.
Dr. Thomas will place the implant surgically, which will heal naturally over the next three to six months. If only a single tooth is being replaced, a dental lab will build the dental crown according to Dr. Hoard’s instructions. In cases where more than one tooth is being replaced, a partial denture, dental bridge or full denture may be included in the treatment plan.
The gum tissue over the post will be taken out so that the new root is exposed as soon as the dental implant has fused with the bone. Next, the artificial root is secured and inspected so that comfort is optimal.
If missing teeth are not treated promptly, the jawbone will start to break down. Ultimately, TMJ and gum disease can arise from the untreated missing teeth. Dental implants are the longest-lasting, most dependable option for patients suffering from tooth loss.
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