Preventive Care is the foundation of lifelong dental health! | Dr. J. Stephen Hoard, DDS

Recent studies have shown the relationship between our oral health and overall physical well being: poor oral health has been linked to many other health issues including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke.
Dr. Hoard has established his practice on the basis of good preventive care and both educating and supporting his loyal patients in maintaining their oral health. Dr. Hoard and his staff treat each patient as a member of their “extended family”, and take the time to get to know them as individuals as well as dental patients. Dr. Hoard understands that good oral health is only a part of a patient’s overall health and well being and he takes the time to understand their personal concerns and goals.
A routine check up visit with Dr. Hoard will include a thorough examination to look for possible early signs of gum disease and tooth decay. Spotting these potential dental issues early allows conservative treatment to be effective. Dr. Hoard and his staff will also perform the following procedures during twice yearly routine visits:

  • Dental cleaning and removal of any tartar or plaque from surfaces of the teeth and gum line.
  • Flossing and tooth polishing.
  • Fluoride application: Dr. Hoard may suggest a series of fluoride applications when deemed necessary to prevent decay.
  • X-rays: Dr. Hoard will order periodic x-rays using digital x-ray technology that reduces radiation exposure and enables each x-ray to be stored in a patient’s digital record for future comparison.

In some cases, Dr. Hoard will apply a sealant to the biting surface of molars which will help to prevent tooth decay and the development of cavities. Dr. Hoard and his staff take time with their patients to offer brushing and flossing tips and any additional directions for maintaining good oral health between visits with at home care.
If you have been avoiding the dentist for some time, take a moment today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hoard and begin to restore your dental health for a lifetime of healthy smiles!