Oral cancer screening with New Bern dentist Dr. Hoard can be life saving! | New Bern, NC

New Bern dentist Dr. Hoard performs oral cancer screening as part of a routine dental visit. Oral cancer screening can often be a life saver: patients who are diagnosed in the early stages of this disease have a much greater chance of survival. Routine preventive care with Dr. Hoard can enable him to notice abnormal tissue or changes within the oral cavity that may be an indicator of disease.
Oral cancer rates have been on the rise globally, largely due to the HPV virus, a common cause of oral cancer and a growing health issue in today’s world. Oral cancer can be difficult to diagnose early- without the aid of regular screening during a dental exam- because it rarely causes noticeable symptoms in the early stages of the disease.
Do you know the common symptoms of oral cancer?

Symptoms of oral cancer can include:

  • Persistent hoarseness
  • Pain or difficulty swallowing
  • Lump in the throat or neck
  • Persistent earache- often in both ears
  • Numbness in or around the mouth
  • Lesion or sore that does not go away

Visiting Dr. Hoard twice per year is more important than ever! It not only supports long term dental health, but is an important part of overall health and well being. In addition to the benefit of an oral cancer screening, preventive dental care can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes- all of these health issues have been shown to have connections to oral health.