A healthy diet is also good for your dental health!

We all know that good nutrition is important for maintaining a healthy weight, boosting the immune system and reducing the risk of many health issues. But eating healthy can also help you maintain good oral health!
Drinking water and choosing “natural” foods such as fruits and vegetables means less added sugars- a big contributor to tooth decay and gum disease. 493639627
Recent studies have shown the correlation between good dental health and overall health: what goes on in our mouth can affect our body! Dr. Hoard emphasizes the importance of both a healthy diet and lifestyle and regular preventive care visits to his New Bern dental office. These visits give he and his staff the opportunity to spot dental health problems early on, when conservative treatment is most effective and before they lead to more complex issues.
Keeping your smile healthy goes hand-in-hand with overall physical well being.502620139
Check out the ADA website for dental patients, mouthhealthy.org, for more tips on keeping your smile strong and healthy!