All-On-Four can offer a life changing solution for missing teeth | New Bern Cosmetic Dentist

Missing teeth can effect nearly all aspects of a patient’s life from overall health to daily quality of life. When a patient is missing all of their upper or lower (or both) teeth, eating and speaking can be dramatically affected.101857060
Replacing missing teeth is not only important for cosmetic reasons, it can also help to support long term oral health and a better overall quality of life. Patients needing to replace all of their upper or lower teeth have traditionally had the single option of dentures. While dentures can offer a functional solution, they require daily care and routine maintenance to ensure proper hygiene and fit. Many patients find they need to adjust their diet due to slippage and poor fit.
Dr. Hoard now offers patients needing to replace all of their teeth the option of “All-On-Four” dental implants, also known as implant secured dentures.
All-on-Four can provide many benefits for patients:

  • Natural looking and functioning tooth replacement
  • Secure, comfortable fit
  • No food restrictions needed
  • No need to use daily adhesives/cleaners
  • Speech is not affected with the secure fit
  • Supports better oral health by helping to retain bone in the jaw

How does it work?
All-on-Four is the attachment of a custom made denture or hybrid bridge using as few as four dental implants that are strategically placed in the jaw to provide a natural look and functionality.
Using CAD/CAM digital technology, Dr. Hoard will plan the location of the implants to ensure optimal, predictable results that are highly customized. The dental restoration that will be attached to the implants will be fabricated in a dental lab of high quality dental materials and will provide a comfortable, natural looking smile!
Maintaining a healthy smile, including proper tooth replacement, is important for overall health and well being: patients who can eat a healthy, varied diet and feel comfortable speaking and socializing can generally enjoy a better quality of life for the long run.
If you have missing teeth or poor fitting dentures that are affecting your daily routine, schedule a consultation with Dr. Hoard and learn how All-on-Four can benefit your oral health- and change your life!