Can Pumpkin Lattes Destroy Your Teeth?

It’s fall, which means Halloween- and everything pumpkin! October kick starts the beginning of several months of sugary holiday celebrations. Often times as adults, we do not even realize how much added sugar we are consuming, especially in our beverages. You may be past the door to door candy collecting, but that does not mean you are not consuming just as much sugar as you did as a kid. And for those of us with kids, we all know the extra candy we don’t let them eat does not all end up in the trash.

Watch Out For Hidden Added Sugars

Everyone loves a good pumpkin spice, well, anything! They are delicious and comforting as the days get shorter. But do you know how much sugar is in that fancy coffee shop drink? This time of year pumpkin spice lattes and seasonal cocktails are the leading culprits of added sugar intake. Highly trained and experienced, New Bern, NC Dentist Dr. J. Stephen Hoard knows it’s hard to resist all of these temptations. Dr. Hoard recommends trying the sugar free version of that seasonable coffee beverage, and try limiting yourself to one sugary cocktail at those holiday get togethers.

If you do treat yourself to these sweet indulgences, try drinking a large glass of water after to help rinse away some of that sugary build up. Try to time the consumption of your beverages to shortly after a meal. ADA studies show that this is when your saliva production is at its peak, and can help to fight off plaque growing sugar.

Our diets have a direct correlation with our dental health and what we drink has just as much of an impact. As we age, taking care of our teeth is essential to avoid long term dental concerns as well as for maintaining our general health. It is okay to sneak a few pieces of candy for yourself, or drink a ghoulish cocktail- you should enjoy the festivities too. Dr. Hoard recommends doing so in moderation. Your teeth are just as susceptible to plaque buildup and tooth decay as your children’s.

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