Be Aware of Sugary Beverages

Dentist in Craven County, North CarolinaWith the longer days and warmer weather many of us take to the outdoors. But with BBQs, family gatherings, and more physical activity comes sports drinks, sodas, and fruity cocktails. That means a huge upswing in sugar intake. Dr. Stephen Hoard reminds patients to be cautious of how many sugar-laden beverages they consume. Our New Bern, NC dentist office sees an increase in tooth decay and other oral health concerns in patients who report a diet with higher sugar intake.

The Truth About Sugary Beverages

The problem with sugar is that it hides in more drinks and foods than we realize. Fruit juice is packed with sugars and one glass of juice could meet your total sugar intake for the day. So when we start factoring in a soda with lunch, a sports drink after your run and a margarita with dinner, that is a lot of sugar. Sugar is both damaging to your health and your oral health.

Sugar & Your Oral Health

Sugar sticks to your teeth and harmful bacteria feeds off of it leaving behind acid byproduct. The acid is what causes enamel erosion and tooth decay. Sugar that sits on the teeth can lead to complex oral health concerns and even eventual tooth loss. If you do drink a sugary drink, be sure to wash it down with water. You can also try drinking it in one sitting so the sugar does not linger like it would if you slowly sip on it. For sugar-free alternatives try water, milk, unsweet tea or plain soda water.

Dr. Hoard encourages patients to practice diligent oral hygiene to help keep their teeth and gums healthy. Good oral health is essential in maintaining a high quality of life. The health of your mouth is directly correlated to your overall health. Bi-annual dental check-ups and teeth cleanings with Dr. Hoard can keep your mouth fresh and healthy for years to come.

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