Dr. Stephen Hoard Patient Reviews

Dr. Stephen Hoard is New Bern, NC dentist that is dedicated to ensuring that patients have long-lasting oral health. You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Hoard and his team on his website or by calling (252) 507-0373. Learn what our patients have to say about Dr. Hoard, our office and our dentists below:

Patient Testimonials New Bern, NC dental office

“I couldn’t possibly say enough kind words about Dr. Hoard or his staff. Every single interaction was pleasant and professional. I only saw him a handful of times, but each time I felt I was part of a small family, where everyone knew my name and were extremely welcoming. Dr. Hoard saved my smile and took on the very challenging task of matching one single front tooth crown to the rest of my natural teeth. The results are absolutely flawless and a major improvement. A thousand thank yous are not enough! I highly recommend Dr. Hoard to anyone who is considering improving their smile!” -C. Novas

“I was introduced to Dr. Hoard a little over a year ago after an unexpected dental issue arose. He came highly recommended to me by multiple people. He has recently completed some cosmetic dentistry for me, and I must say that I am more than pleased!! Dr. Hoard and his entire staff are incredibly knowledgeable, caring, and understanding. They quickly put me at ease from the very first appointment. Dr. Hoard answered all my questions thoughtfully and attentively addressed my concerns. It is truly apparent that he and his team enjoy what they do from the moment you meet them. Dr. Hoard is incredibly skilled and talented and truly cares about his patients. I feel very fortunate to have found him, and would recommend him to anyone looking for quality dental care. I now have a smile that I am proud to show off!” -K. Bazzle

“Friends always tell me they hate going to the dentist. I tell them they need to see Dr. Hoard. I love going to the dentist. His entire staff is friendly, kind, and highly proficient in their skills. But the thing I like best about Dr. Hoard is that he listens to what I have to say and addresses my concerns. I never feel that he is rushing to see his next patient. He always gives me the time I need. Best dental practice anywhere!” -L. Manette