Professional vs At-Home Whitening

Dr. Stephen Hoard is a leading specialist in cosmetic and restorative dentistry based in New Bern, NC. As a result, he and his team can provide top-notch cosmetic results for their patients. One of the many services our patients request is teeth whitening. We know there are at-home options available. However, professional teeth whitening can produce even better results in a much quicker timeframe. 

Professional vs At-Home Whitening

Understanding Tooth Whitening 

Dental bleaching or tooth whitening is much more than just an aesthetic enhancement procedure. It’s a professional process that requires expertise for truly impressive results. At its core, tooth whitening involves the application of safe chemicals to lift stains from enamel layers, restoring the natural white hue of your teeth—a service provided expertly at our office.

The Superiority of Professional Tooth Whitening 

We strongly believe that professional tooth whitening procedures are far superior to over-the-counter kits available in pharmacies. Here at Dr.Hoard’s office, we ensure controlled conditions for application, optimal exposure times, and proper post-procedure care, resulting in safer outcomes and visibly better results.

In as little as one session, our team can brighten your smile by several shades. Yet, it can take weeks or even months for people to see results with at-home whitening kits. This is because the chemicals in these kits are not as strong as the ones you’ll find at the dentist. Additionally, Dr. Hoard has much more experience in whitening teeth compared to at-home kits.

Like any medical treatment, certain risks come attached, even with something as noninvasive as tooth whitening. Side effects like gum irritation or temporary sensitivity may show up, but under expert supervision, they can be managed promptly, minimizing discomfort while maximizing benefits.

A Closer Look at Teeth Sensitivity  

Sensitive teeth are not unusual after a round of teeth bleaching owing to the nature of the chemicals applied to the enamel layer above the nerves, making them slightly exposed and, hence, sensitive. However, this condition is generally temporary, lasting no longer than a couple of weeks and usually subsiding gradually on its own.          

Although occasional sensitivity is inevitable, managing post-whitening sensitivity is absolutely feasible with the right approach. At Dr. Hoard’s clinic, we use desensitizing agents on site and also advise safe at-home techniques, ensuring your tooth whitening journey is as comfortable as possible.         

More than Just Dental Treatments   

Our goal goes beyond providing basic dental treatments; we aim to offer a bespoke service that takes into account your unique needs, whether you need simple teeth cleaning or professional whitening procedures. Dr.Hoard serves wide regions spanning New Bern, Havelock, Jacksonville, Kinston Greenville, and Morehead City.              

You deserve a healthy, radiant smile without worrying about lingering sensitivity issues that can sometimes follow a whitening treatment. Remember, Dr. Stephen Hoard’s Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry boasts top-notch facilities and expert care to aid you through such challenges comfortably!