Teeth Grinding, Or Bruxism, And How To Address Your Concerns..

Teeth grinding, also called bruxism, can occur in children and adults, although many children eventually outgrow the condition. It can also begin later in life as a result of stress or a bite disorder such as TMJ. Many people are …
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Get Your Smile Back on Track…

Aside from routine cleanings, restorative dentistry is probably the dental specialty that most patients will experience as they age or as a result of tooth damage from a variety of causes. Restorative dentistry is a rather large umbrella term that …
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Defeat teeth grinding once and for all…

Life often throws us curveballs and demands as we deal with stressful situation after stressful situation. With the constant stress facing many patients as a result of our busy lives, it is no surprise that bruxism, better known as teeth …
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Restorative Dentistry And Your Oral Health

New Bern dentist Dr. Hoard is a highly trained restorative dentist with many hours of post graduate education in the diagnosis and treatment of complex dental problems. He seeks to identify underlying oral health issues through comprehensive evaluation of all …
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Address worn or damaged teeth to restore oral health.

There are many factors that affect the integrity of the natural teeth, sometimes causing them to appear worn or begin to crack and chip: dental problems, diet, lifestyle habits, genetics, accidents. If untreated, worn and/or damaged teeth can become lost …
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All-On-Four can offer a life changing solution for missing teeth | New Bern Cosmetic Dentist

Missing teeth can effect nearly all aspects of a patient’s life from overall health to daily quality of life. When a patient is missing all of their upper or lower (or both) teeth, eating and speaking can be dramatically affected. …
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Dental crowns are an important procedure for saving the natural tooth!

Today’s dentistry emphasizes the importance of saving the natural tooth whenever possible because of the role they play in preserving bone structure and overall long term oral health. A lifelong healthy smile with strong, functioning teeth can often add to …
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Restorative dentistry is an important part of lifelong oral health! | Dr. Hoard, New Bern, NC

The field of dentistry has evolved into a number of specialized fields that can address almost any dental health problem and help patients keep their natural teeth in good health for a lifetime! Restorative dental procedures can repair and strengthen …
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Stress of the holiday season have you grinding your teeth? | Dr. Hoard, New Bern

Patients who suffer with TMJ may notice that during stressful situations, they experience an increase in their symptoms: headaches, jaw pain or difficulty chewing. In may cases, these symptoms are the result of teeth grinding or teeth clenching. Although this …
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Are dental implants the solution for you? | Dr. J. Stephen Hoard

If you’re missing one or more teeth but have healthy bones and good general health, you may want to consider dental implants. Tooth loss can have numerous causes, including decay, gum disease and physical trauma. Dr. Hoard, a general and …
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