Root Canal New Bern, NC

Root Canals An Overview

Depending on your condition, Dr. Stephen Hoard may perform your root canal procedure in his New Bern dentist office or refer you to a local endodontist for treatment. Dr. Hoard’s role is to design and coordinate a treatment plan that will result in a long lasting, comfortable and natural looking restoration of your tooth.

Root Canals FAQs

What is a root canal?

The term root canal refers to the interior of a tooth where the pulp and nerves are located. A root canal treatment is needed when a tooth is significantly damaged or has decay that extends into the pulp chamber. Tooth pain is usually the first sign patients experience, though a dentist can spot infection during routine examinations.

Is it better to have a root canal procedure or a tooth extraction?

The best treatment choice will depend on your specific situation and circumstances, however, it is usually in the best interest of the patient to preserve the natural tooth through a root canal procedure or other treatment method. An extracted tooth should always be replaced to prevent neighboring teeth from shifting and to reduce the risk of bone loss, tooth decay and gum disease.

What is the cost of a root canal procedure?

Factors that go into determining the price of the root canal procedure include the extent of damage to the tooth and type of restoration needed (ex. dental filing vs. dental crown). Some dental insurance providers will pay for all or part of the cost of root canal therapy. Dr. Hoard’s office staff will assist you with all billing and documentation for your insurance company to help maximize your benefits.