Cosmetic Dentistry New Bern, NC

Dr. Hoard is a family dentist in New Bern, but he is also one of the leading cosmetic dentists in North Carolina. In addition to his New Bern dentist office, Dr. Hoard teaches fellow dentists the principles of cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Dr. Hoard offers several cosmetic dentistry treatments and can help you choose the procedure that fits your goals and budget.

Cosmetic Dentistry in New Bern, NC

Cosmetic dentistry is not just about creating a pretty smile. It is about restoring health and function. It is true that “form follows function” and a healthy and balanced masticatory system is essential for achieving naturally beautiful-looking results.

The comfort of the smile is just as important, if not more so, that the visual appearance. Cosmetic dental problems are often the result of decay, wear, and age. Sometimes an imbalance in the occlusal (bite) system can cause teeth to wear prematurely or unevenly. It is important to first address the health or functional concerns to ensure that cosmetic dental procedures will be comfortable and long-lasting.

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Cosmetic Dentistry With New Bern Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Hoard

Dr. Hoard meets each new patient with a comprehensive evaluation to examine the entire head, mouth, teeth, muscles, and joints. Arriving at a precise diagnosis is the key component in creating a treatment plan. Especially important in cosmetic dentistry, we use 2-D and 3-D images and modeling to demonstrate the proposed results of treatment.

Dr. Hoard takes a multidisciplinary approach to complex cases. He has developed a relationship with a periodontist, Jeffery Thomas, DDS, and, an orthodontist, Todd Rankin, DDS. This team approach allows Dr. Hoard to maximize results for his patients and ensure they receive the same high level of care that he provides in his office.

Why Choose Dr. Hoard?

Dr. Hoard has years of expertise in restoring smiles with cosmetic treatment. Whitening teeth, crafting porcelain veneers, or providing tooth bonding not only restores teeth but improves tooth and gum health.

Getting the smile you’ve always wanted is easier than ever. Contact us to learn more about cosmetic dentistry and to schedule your consultation.

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Who is a good candidate for cosmetic dentistry?

A good candidate for cosmetic dentistry is anyone with tooth discoloration, excessive gaps between teeth, an uneven gum line, misshapen or crooked teeth, and other aesthetic issues that affect their oral health. Candidates for cosmetic dentistry must be in good overall health and have realistic expectations regarding the outcome of their surgery. 

How long does it take to recover from cosmetic dentistry?

The length of time it takes to recover from cosmetic dentistry can vary depending on the procedure. Generally, the recovery period for cosmetic dentistry treatments is short and painless, with most patients returning to their normal activities within a few days. Your dentist will provide specific instructions on how to care for your teeth after treatment to ensure optimal results and a speedy recovery. 

Does insurance pay for cosmetic dentistry?

Insurance coverage for cosmetic dentistry can vary depending on the type of procedure and your insurance provider. Most insurance companies will not cover treatments that are purely cosmetic. This is because most insurance companies consider cosmetic procedures to be elective or optional. However, they may provide partial coverage if the treatment is medically necessary. Talk to your dentist and insurance provider to determine what type of coverage you may be eligible for.

How painful is getting a dental implant?

Dental implant procedures are typically not very painful, but you can experience some level of discomfort. The level of pain or discomfort you could experience will vary from patient to patient. Most patients report mild to moderate discomfort during the procedure. Your dentist will help you manage this with local anesthesia, sedation, or pain medication. After the procedure, some patients may experience mild swelling and discomfort. Your dentist will usually recommend over-the-counter pain medication. The pain and discomfort should subside within a few days to a week after the procedure.

How long do porcelain veneers take to put on?

Porcelain veneers usually take two or three appointments to put on and can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks. During the first appointment, your dentist will clean and shape your teeth before taking impressions of them to create custom veneers. On the second visit, they will check the fit of the veneers and bond them to your teeth. The final step is polishing the veneers for a natural-looking finish.

How to prepare for a teeth whitening session?

Before starting a teeth whitening session, talk to your dentist about your overall health and any existing dental conditions. You should also brush and floss your teeth thoroughly before beginning the process. Your dentist may also suggest changing your diet for a few weeks prior to the treatment to avoid staining from certain foods and beverages. Additionally, if you wear braces or have any dental restorations in your mouth, you may need additional preparations prior to starting the procedure. This includes removing your orthodontic appliances or temporarily replacing them with clear aligners.