Frequent Headaches New Bern, NC

If you experience frequent headaches, be sure to mention them at your next visit to our New Bern NC dentist office. Dr. Stephen Hoard is one of the most experienced dentists in North Carolina for the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ Disorders and symptoms like frequent headaches.

How Headaches Relate To Dentistry

One of the more common symptoms that patients with TMJ disorder share are frequent headaches. These “TMJ headaches” often occur in the morning as a result of clenching and grinding during sleep. Other signs that could indicate TMJ headaches are:

  • Pain or tension at the sides of the face
  • Pain in the neck and/or upper shoulders
  • Migraine, or migraine-like headaches
  • Frequent earaches without infection

TMJ Headache Therapy

If you suspect that your headaches are caused by TMJ, teeth grinding or other dental problems, the first step is an evaluation with the dentist. Dr. Hoard will review your dental and medical history and examine the fit of your bite and alignment of the TMJ.

Depending on the dentist’s findings, one or several treatments may be recommended. Treatment may include an oral appliance, such as a TMJ mouthguard, and/or bite correction therapy which would solve problems with the alignment of teeth and TMJ joints.

TMJ Mouthguard – Also known as a bruxism appliance, a TMJ mouthguard is a removable appliance that is worn during sleep. This type of treatment can be especially helpful for patients who experience frequent headaches. The dentist will custom make this sleep appliance to fit over the teeth, protecting the teeth and TMJ during clenching and grinding.

Bite Correction – When the teeth don’t make proper contact, it can create stress and tension. Headaches can easily result from maligned occlusion, which is typically corrected through a series of adjustments to bring the upper and lower teeth into proper alignment. This type of therapy can include reshaping the teeth, orthodontics, and restorations such as crowns, bridges or implants depending on the severity of your condition.