Bleeding Gums New Bern, NC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that about half of Americans age 30 and older have some form of periodontal disease. One of the most common signs of gum disease is bleeding gums. Bleeding gums are one of the most common dental concerns we treat. This is typically an early indication of a problem and most closely associated with gingivitis. When intercepted early by the dentist, gum disease can be easily managed with little risk of further infection.

Treatment For Bleeding Gums

Routine Dental Cleaning – The best way for you to prevent gum disease and bleeding gums is with routine visits to the dentist. Our dental cleanings are performed by a dental hygienist who will gently remove plaque and tartar from around the teeth and gums.

Scaling & Root Planing – If you have bleeding gums, Dr. Hoard may recommend an intensive cleaning procedure known as scaling and root planing. The dentist will remove plaque and tartar from deep pockets of the gum and smooth the surface of tooth roots.

Laser Dentistry – In some cases, a dental laser may be used to remove infected tissue and eliminate infection. Laser Dentistry is a safe and comfortable treatment that minimizes bleeding and swelling, resulting in faster healing times.

Periodontal TherapyPeriodontal therapy can include any of the treatments above as well as gum surgery for patients suffering from periodontitis, an advanced stage of gum disease. Dr. Hoard works with a local periodontist who can perform gum surgery and other intensive periodontal therapies.