Dawson Academy Training New Bern, NC Dentist

Dr. Hoard is an associate faculty member of The Dawson Academy, a postgraduate educational and clinical research facility, dedicated to the advancement of dentistry. Courses are taught by the nation’s top dentists, many of whom, like Dr. Hoard, maintain full time dental practices.

The principles taught at the Dawson Academy were developed by Dr. Peter E. Dawson, who believes to have a successful dental practice, the dentist must perform complete, quality and predictable dentistry.

Dr. Stephen Hoard

Complete dentistry is a concept that requires careful examination of the entire masticatory system and thorough treatment planning that involves patient education to help them understand problems and prioritize treatment. A Dawson dentist never over treats his or her patients and allows for significant one-on-one time with each patient.

Dawson dentists are trained in analyzing bite problems and TMJ disorders. The goal is always a completely comfortable bite and a peaceful neuromuscular system.

Through research, study and clinical practice, members of the Dawson Academy practice truthful dental medicine for the benefit of their patients. Dawson dentistry strives to achieve natural aesthetics, balance and harmony for each and every patient.

For more information about the Dawson Academy visit www.findadawsondentist.com.