Cosmetic Dentistry with Dr. Hoard of New Bern

One of the first things that a person will notice when having a conversation with another person is their teeth. People who have damaged, missing, or broken teeth will tend to feel less confident when they are around other people simply because their smile is not white, bright, or perfect. While many people have imperfect teeth, there is something that can be done to fix the problem. Cosmetic dentistry continues to become popular in the New Bern area and Dr. Hoard is qualifed to perform many cosmetic proceures. Many residents are searching to find a cosmetic dentist in New Bern. For those residents who are searching for a dentist in New Bern who can perform cosmetic dental procedures, Dr. J. Stephen Hoard is a local dentist who can do just that. Dr. Hoard provides general dentist services in his dental office. However, he also offers a number of cosmetic dental procedures to his patients. Some of the cosmetic dental procedures that are offered in Dr. Hoard’s family dentistry office include teeth whitening, dental implants, and porcelain veneers. Each of these procedures can change the appearance of the teeth for the better.
The teeth whitening procedure is something most people already know a lot about. With the teeth whitening procedure, Dr. Hoard uses professional teeth whitening gel trays. These trays can be taken home, and they allow the patient to whiten their teeth in the privacy and comfort of their very own home. An additional bonus about the teeth whitening gels is the fact that they are far more affordable than other teeth whitening procedure. Dental implants help to replace missing teeth, and they are implanted in the jawbone via oral surgery. The replacement tooth will function normally, just like the natural tooth would. The porcelain veneers continue to become more popular. With the veneers, major changes and adjustments can be made to the teeth. The teeth will usually need to be shaved down in the dentist office before the veneers are placed over top of them. As a New Bern dentist, Dr. Hoard can offer many of these cosmetic procedures and treatments to those who need them.