Regain Function in Your Teeth with Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry is one of the many branches of dentistry. It focuses on correcting dental problems in order to improve function, aesthetics and the patient’s overall quality of life. Dentists are required to complete a residency in restorative dentistry before they can perform any type of restorative dental procedure.
Many patients will need some type of restorative dental work at some point in their life. Dental crowns are one of the most popular types of procedures. Crowns are usually reserved for patients who have severely damaged teeth. Today’s crowns can be made out of ceramic material, which is both durable and natural-looking. Proper care and regular trips to the dentist will ensure that the crowns will last a long time.
A dental crown not only improves the appearance of the tooth, but it also protects the tooth and strengths it. Before a patient gets a dental crown, the dentist is required to perform a comprehensive evaluation. During the evaluation, the dentist will take an impression. He will also use 2-D and 3-D images so that the patients will be able to see what their teeth will look like after they get their treatment. The crown will be placed after it has been made by the dental technician.
Patients who have missing teeth may be interested in getting a bridge. Bridges are made up of false teeth that are held in place with dental implants. Today’s dental bridges are made up of ceramic, so it is nearly impossible to distinguish them for one’s natural teeth. Like crowns, dental bridges will last for a long time if they are cared for properly.
It is important for you to select a dentist who has had several years of experience in restorative dentistry. If you have been trying to find a restorative dentist in New Bern, North Carolina, then you should contact Dr. J. Stephen Hoard.