Are All-On-Four Dentures Right For Me?

Dentist in New Bern North Carolina for dental bridgesRestorations are an investment in your smile, so it’s important to understand each treatment option and make sure you’re choosing the best denture treatment. All-On-Four implants are a form of dentures that become a permanent part of your smile, eliminating the need for denture adhesives, extra cleaning, or special maintenance.

Dr. J. Stephen Hoard offers All-On-Four in his New Bern, NC dentist office for patients looking for a permanent solution for missing teeth.

What Are Implant-Secured Dentures?

Implant-secured dentures, commercially called All-On-Four, are dentures that are permanently attached to the jawbone with as few as four tiny dental implants.

It’s a combination of dental implants, which have quickly become the top tooth replacement option for people with missing teeth, and dental restorations.

You get the stability of implants with the functionality of a full set of teeth that allow you to live your life without worrying about your dentures slipping or affecting the way you speak.

How Do Implant-Secured Dentures Work?

Four tiny dental implants can restore a full arch of permanent dentures. Dental implants are the best solution for missing teeth because they preserve the integrity of the underlying jawbone. Instead of just replacing one or two teeth at a time, your implant-secured dentures can restore a full arch while preserving jaw bone health.

Traditional dentures do not replace the roots of the missing teeth, which can lead to the characteristic sunken facial appearance that many people with dentures have. The implants stimulate jaw tissue and prevent the face from shifting or appearing sunken.

Patients who receive implant-secured dental restorations benefit from the security and confidence of a well-fitting dental restoration that will not slip and does not require special maintenance.

This dental restoration treatment can last a lifetime, as implants are the gold standard for missing tooth replacement. Four implants are placed along the jaw bone and temporary restorations are attached to allow the implants to heal. Temporary restorations allow you to return to normal activities, then you’ll come back for your final restorations.

All-On-Four Dentures in New Bern, NC

Dr. Hoard offers dental implant consultations in his New Bern, NC dentist office. This provides the opportunity for you to learn more about how dental implants can solve your dental problems and restore your smile. To schedule your appointment, request an appointment online or call (252) 507-0373 today.