Healthy Gums, Healthy Teeth

Did you know that the gums support the teeth? Maintaining the health of your gum tissue is vital to your overall oral health and wellness. If gum disease is able to progress, it can eventually lead to tooth loss. The gums are also an important barrier between the bacteria in our mouth and the bloodstream. Dr. Hoard emphasizes the importance of keeping your gums healthy and will make recommendations when needed for managing gingivitis and the early signs of gum disease when spotted during a routine dental exam.

The prevention of gum disease or periodontitis is a key reason for visiting with us twice a year for dental cleanings and exams. When caught early, conservative measures are often able to halt the progression and restore gum health. Dr. Hoard provides comprehensive periodontal disease treatment and personalized recommendations for chronic gum disease management.

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Gum Disease: what are the signs?

Often called a “silent disease”, most patients are unaware of existing gingivitis until they come in for a visit of it progresses to more advanced stages. Recognizing the early signs of gum disease can help ypiu to avoid bigger dental problems by seeking prompt treatment in our New Bern dental office. Signs to look for include:

  • Gums that bleed: do you see blood in the sink after brushing and flossing? Bleeding gums are an indication of developing infection and should be addressed by Dr. Hoard.
  • Persistent bad breath: halitosis is a common sign of gum disease, the result of bacteria in the mouth.
  • Red or puffy gums: do your gums look different? Are they irritated or red? If so, schedule a visit so we can evaluate the cause.
  • Receding gums: gum recession does occur with age, but a noticeable change in the gums may mean that gum tissue is being compromised by an infection.

By the time more significant symptoms are noticeable such as large pockets around the teeth or changes in the fit of the bite, gum disease has advanced. At this point, there is a risk for permanent damage and the possible need for more invasive dental care to resolve. Support the health and stability of your teeth by addressing the signs of gum disease as soon as possible.

Dr. Hoard and our dental care team can help you avoid the problems associated with gum disease. We welcome you to visit with us if you are in need of dental care. Our team is committed to helping patients enjoy optimal dental health with a personalized approach to their oral health needs.